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CEO’s Bio

David J. DiNatale, Sr.

David DiNatale, recognized as one of the top online marketing experts in the country, has been often called the “Online Marketing Prophet of Profits” because of his passion to help local business owners grow their business profits using the dominating arsenal of marketing tools David has created known as the Local Online Marketing Platform™.

David is an author, expert sales trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and self-made multi-millionaire. Growing up as a young boy in Detroit, David came from very humble beginnings. The DiNatale family, which included his dad, a mailman, his mom, and his brother and sister, resided in a small (836 square foot) 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home where David lived until his high school graduation. If you Zillow the home today it’s estimated worth is just $33,643!

At the age of 10, David’s young life was changed by a powerful book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Instead of reading comic books like most young kids at that age, David read this life changing manuscript over two dozen times and began his entrepreneurial journey. That same year, David began his first think and grow rich business by establishing his own newspaper route with the Detroit News. After he established his first paper route, every time a route became available for sale near his existing route he purchased it. David kept adding to his territory until he had to hire a couple of part-time employees (his brother and a friend) to help him deliver all the newspapers each night!

David has always had a passion for helping people. He went to college to study how to become a minister. There David was a dorm supervisor where he counseled other students. He also started his own house painting business which he successfully operated by hiring on other students. He worked in several church youth groups and also met his future wife and best friend, Deborah Staggs DiNatale.

After graduate school, David pastored several churches, helping them grow substantially with his speaking and marketing abilities. Not wanting to be associated with those “rich-from-the-flock-ministers”, David looked outside the church to generate the majority of his income. He developed his passion for marketing. David attended every seminar that came to town, studying and dissecting each of their marketing models. From seminar gurus like Robert Allen, Dr. Albert Lowry, and Charles Givens, he learned the foundations of marketing. He sought out the top sales and marketing experts, learning from Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins among others.

AAA Financial Corporation

In 1984, along with a partner, David started Creative Marketing International, an insurance and annuity marketing company in Kansas. David came up with the name of the company, created all of their ads and their complete system for agent recruitment. He quickly learned that a partnership wasn’t for him and sold his 50% stake in the company. After writing and utilizing newspaper ads and radio spots to successfully market his “Dynamic Money Strategies” course and his “Business Building Summit” course, he then founded AAA Financial Corporation and moved to South Florida in 1989.

At AAA Financial Corporation, David created a revolutionary automated marketing system. He had read in the Wall Street Journal how the most popular mortgage in Canada was the bi-weekly mortgage. It literally cut 8 to 10 years off the standard 30 year mortgage term and saved homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in interest. So, he created several markets for the product called the Mortgage Savings Program™. MSP™ was a lead generation program for the financial planning and insurance sales industry. It was an up sell and after market revenue stream for mortgage companies. It was also a small business option for entrepreneurs.

Over his tenure as CEO, David’s marketing system generated and recruited over 31,000 entrepreneurs/business owners marketing AAA Financial Corp’s programs. David wrote all of the ads, direct mail letters, the 15 step follow-up sequence, and all of the up sales, cross sales, and down sales. Being a big believer in ROI advertising, David tracked every dollar spent on marketing; how many leads it produced, what the cost per lead was for each ad source and what dollar per lead in product sales were generated. David wrote word for word scripts for the receptionist, customer service and the sales departments. Every day he had his sales manager record presentations and David would lead the sales team, a group of over 20 people in a daily morning coaching session.

David learned about the internet in the early 1990’s and created the company’s first ads and then designed their first website! Most businesses in the early 1990’s didn’t see the growth vision of the internet. Not only did David have the future vision of the internet, but began heavily investing in internet stocks like Yahoo, Microsoft, CMGI, Dell, Google, etc. and made millions in the stock market!

AAA Financial Corp. grew and exploded to over 125,000 customers! In 2010, David sold the servicing rights to AAA’s client base to a financial institution for millions of dollars. However, David retained the ownership to the 31,000+ entrepreneurs and business owners and continued to help them with their online and offline marketing efforts.

Over the years, running IT departments, building websites, and creating and developing software programs, David has learned how difficult it is for the typical small business owner to get these things done “right” without being taken advantage of! In fact, when David was CEO of AAA Financial Corporation, he came across just about every problem imaginable such as a situation dealing with a customized database that no one could decipher the code for except the original programmer, or when he tried outsourcing a new software program to India thinking he would save money only to end up canning the software 9 months later to the tune of $120,000! He has experienced problems with websites not working right and SEO packages that didn’t deliver what they promised. He’s been through every scenario imaginable!

Get On The Map

After selling AAA Financial Corporation’s servicing portfolio and going “crazy” being retired, David started to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together on what he was to do next! Anyone who knows David and Deborah know how much they love their two sons, David Jr. and Dalton. From the time the boys were little, baseball has been a family passion! David Jr. was an All Star high school player, received a scholarship to play college baseball at the University of Miami, had a successful career there and then was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and played several years in the minor leagues. He graduated law school and also received an advanced law degree (LLM) from the University of Miami’s Law School in Real Estate. He currently is practicing law in several real estate areas and has his own practice. Dalton, who also was a top ranked, all-star baseball player, played in California his senior year of high school, for the top high school travel team, the ABD Bulldogs. He received a baseball scholarship to Arizona State University. As a freshman for ASU he became one of only twenty players in ASU history to bat over .300 in their freshman season! Dalton was drafted in his junior year by the Washington Nationals! He was then signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He now is working on his MBA and runs his own Facebook advertising company.

David would always talk to parents of other players who were business owners and ask in conversation about their companies, the economy and other trending business topics such as the internet, etc. What he discovered was the majority of businesses simply didn’t know how to market online, what they needed, or where to start. Most businesses were only being offered one small part of the solution; a website, email, Facebook fanpage, PPC, reputation management, etc. No one was offering a turn-key solution, an all-done-for-you, all-in-one service solution! No other marketing business offered an entire Local Online Marketing Platform™ with a team of experts doing all the work for the local business! Plus, high level coaching every month from the top marketing experts including David himself! When he heard of one mom spending $16,000 for a simple website ($3,000 value) for her bakery business David knew he had to do something! He invested nearly 2 years and six figures on his education learning from the top online marketing experts and now has launched! The mission and purpose of is to be the one-stop shop for local brick and mortar businesses when it comes to growing their businesses online! No one is more passionate about helping local business owners than David! The biggest mistake you could make is to miss out on being a part of this great opportunity to grow your business using online marketing! David’s business model is to work with only one business “EXCLUSIVELY” in a geo-targeted marketing area. So only one accountant, one cosmetic surgeon, one plumber will have the opportunity to “get the edge” and dominate their local marketplace with each package offered! is offering this powerful and complete Local Online Marketing Platform™ currently at the wholesale price of just $9.83 a day…

David has many business owners consult with him about growing their business profits. His private clients gladly pay him $2,500 per hour, $12,000 for a 5 hour, 1/2 day session, or $20,000 for a 10 hour, full day comprehensive marketing makeover! David guarantees his private clients a 500% return on their investment with him over 12 months or a 100% money back refund guarantee!



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