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You Are Only ONE Business Decision Away From Dominating Your Local Market Online!

By David DiNatale, CEO

In the history of every business, big or small, there comes that moment in time, that “defining moment” when “the opportunity” comes your way! What you decide when presented with this opportunity could change your path, your focus, and usually the entire direction of your business. Your decision on this opportunity could have an exponential impact on your growth which will ultimately determine the level of success your business will ever attain!



I have been fortunate to have had this experience several times. When the “opportunity” came and the “teacher” appeared…it changed and transformed my business life! In the fall of 1989 I had a small marketing company. We were providing leads to the financial services industry and had maxed out our marketing. We were running full page ads in every trade magazine. We were doing direct mail, yet our advertising was yielding fewer and fewer leads. I was worried. I changed headlines, ad copy, etc. and nothing was working. Then it happened. I’m reading the sports section of the Miami Herald on a Friday morning and there is an ad, a full page ad from a Gary Halbert addressed to small business owners…I felt like it was written to me! He was conducting a seminar the following week on how to get more leads for your business. I knew that seminar was meant for me! In October of 1989, that one seminar changed my mindset and opened the door to several lead sources I hadn’t been using! This one “opportunity” to attend that seminar turned my business from a “struggling to get by” into a multi-million dollar Inc.500 business!

By taking action, investing in Gary’s products, newsletters, private coaching and future seminars I literally transformed how my business did business! But my story is NOT unique! Read the back stories about Facebook, Google, Apple, and other companies that are shaping our world online. They all have had a similar experience: when opportunity presents itself → quick action is taken = the business is changed!


Did you know in 2006 Yahoo had an opportunity to buy Facebook and change their company’s destiny? In 2006, Facebook was just two years old with only 8 million friends. MySpace had 100 million members and had been purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 2005 for $580 million! Yahoo was getting beaten in the search game by Google, so Yahoo offered Mark Zuckerberg a cool $1 billion dollars for Facebook and its 8 million members, seeing the huge potential it had.

However, Yahoo stock holders didn’t like the deal, the stock dropped, and Yahoo’s CEO, Terry Semel, reacted by reneging on the $1 billion offer that they had already agreed to! Yahoo reduced the offer to $800 million. This upset Zuckerberg and he refused to sell Facebook to Yahoo. Yahoo had Facebook! It could have changed Yahoo’s destiny…but they decided not to pay the original offer, invest the money and take action! Yahoo has been dying ever since! Facebook on the other hand, has just gone public and now has over 800 million members and is worth over $100 billion! That ONE decision could have changed Yahoo…but they hesitated and lost the opportunity forever!


12 years ago Steve Jobs turned Apple around with what he called the iPod. However, the iPod was invented by an engineer named Tony Fodell. Tony worked at Philips and they first turned the idea down. He then went to Real Networks but they too refused to take a chance on the “opportunity” with the iPod, fearing expensive litigation with the music industry. The iPod was a content delivery system and an electronic gadget at the same time. Steve Jobs looked beyond the hassles and saw the opportunity. Steve hired Tony Fodell, seized the opportunity, created iTunes and today Apple now controls 80% of the digital music market!


I don’t think it’s an accident that you stumbled into this article. This could be your last real chance to not only catch up, but pass your competitors, and start creating a presence that can make a real profit with your online marketing efforts! Let’s be honest…How is your online marketing doing so far? Do you really have the time to master this area and hire the experts you need to turn things around? How will you get all the experts you hire to coordinate their efforts and get on the same page? It’s a lot of work, a huge time commitment, and not to mention a big expense! That’s why’s Online Marketing Platform™ makes so much sense!

We do all the work for you! We have the team of experts already in place! We have the Online Marketing Platform™ already built for you before you invest a dime! Because we can leverage all the work involved with many business clients in different parts of the country, we can do the job right for you…at just pennies on the dollar! In fact, you can get started today for just $9.83 a day! So what are you waiting for?

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